Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS)
Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS) Product Club Podcast Episode 5 with Dustin Schau (GatsbyJS)

Product Club

A product mentorship program for early-stage startups. The summer 2020 application period is now closed.

Application Period Closed

Introducing Product Club

The smallest, most personalized product mentorship program for early-stage startups.

Mentorship From Renowned Product Leaders


Manik Gupta

Former CPO at Uber. Product at Google Maps. Startup investor, advisor & entrepreneur.

Sriram Krishnan

Product Lead at Twitter, Snap & Facebook. Early stage startup investor & advisor.

Merci Victoria Grace

Investor at Lightspeed VP. Former Head of Growth at Slack. Founder of Women In Product.

Danny Trinh

Head of Design at Zenly & Sensei. Design at Path, Digg. Startup entrepreneur & advisor.

Scott Belsky

CPO at Adobe. CEO & Founder of Behance. Early advisor & investor in Pinterest, Uber, Periscope.

Josh Elman

VP Product at Robinhood. Product at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. Investor in Medium, TikTok, Discord.

Jules Walter

Product at Slack. Startup advisor, investor & entrepreneur. Cofounder of BlackPMs.

Brian Norgard

Former CPO at Tinder. Investor in SpaceX, Lyft, AngelList & Notion. Startup advisor & entrepreneur.
More to be announced soon...

Free Access To Top Designers

Collaborate with Top Industry Designers for Free.

We’ve selected a talented group of designers with different skillsets (branding, mobile, web, etc.) who have worked at companies like Robinhood, Google, Tinder, and Squarespace. They’ll work directly with your team to help you with anything you need for free.

Product Designers

Our product designers will help you create a user experience your customers will love.

Brand Designers

Our brand designers will help you create an enduring brand while staying true to your values.

Visual Designers

Our visual designers will help your company make a strong and memorable first impression.


We Roll Up Our Sleeves

With only three companies being admitted in our 2020 inaugural class, you’ll have our full attention in ensuring your company succeeds. Your startup will spend time with world-class mentors who are devoted to helping you build an exceptional product. You’ll also have free access to top industry designers throughout the program.

Maniacal Focus On Product & Design

Companies like Apple, Pinterest and Airbnb have proven the value of starting a product & design-driven company from the beginning. We believe in this “product first” philosophy so much that we started this accelerator to teach founders like you the strategies we’ve learned building products.

Private Mentorship

Startup investors bet on the jockey, not the horse. That’s why Product Club has a significant focus on personalized mentorship to help you become a better entrepreneur in the long run. We’ll coach you and your team on key topics like attracting a high-performing team, creating your go-to-market strategy and building for scale.


  1. Discover

    • Get a Personalized Product Assessment & Summer Action Plan.
    • Have Weekly Product Mentorship Sessions with Best-in-Class Product Leaders.
    • Collaborate on Goal Identification, Product Ideation & Success Metric Definition.
  2. Build

    • Build Your Product in Collaboration with Top Designers for Free.
    • Receive Continuous Guidance + Feedback Through Sprint Planning Sessions.
    • Network and Learn from Other Top Founders During Weekly Online Social Events.
  3. Launch

    • Pitch Training & Feedback Sessions.
    • Private Online Demo Day with Tier One Funds and Angels.
    • Offboarding Strategy & Future Milestone Planning Sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the deal terms?

Selected companies will receive $100,000 in return for 5% equity.

What’s the deadline to apply?

Applications for our summer 2020 inaugural class is now closed. Applications were due on July 19, 2020.

What stage are the companies you are accepting?

This program is designed for early-stage companies, ideally started within the last year.

Do you invest globally?

Yes, we welcome founders to apply from anywhere in the world.

Where will the program be based?

Product Club is a fully remote program.

How long will program last?

The program will begin on August 10th and will last 10 weeks.