01. Chapter One

Every great story starts with an iconic first chapter

Chapter One is an early-stage venture fund focused on helping companies find product-market fit. We are seeking protagonists - those who are eager to embark on the formidable task of inching the world forward.

02. Our Call to Adventure

Seeking Protagonists

This is our call to adventure.

We meant what we said - every story starts with an iconic first chapter. But it also begins with a hero, willing to brave the fight. Consider for a moment that that hero might just be you.

Start your adventure

Ch. 1

03. Our Portfolio

For the past six years, we’ve helped some of the world’s most impressive talent build incredible companies, eleven of which have grown to become billion-dollar businesses.

Gaurav Misra

We were drawn to the team’s industry expertise. The team helped hire one of our first and most valuable engineers, and that impacted our team significantly. Chapter One's unique value lies in their ability to add immediate, industry-specific value to the problems we’re solving.

05. Our Writing

We understand the realities of what it takes to build a successful company, some of which we share in the stories we write.