Our Team

Before we were Chapter One, we were product leaders at some of the world's most recognizable startups.

It’s about recognizing where along the journey each startup is, and being able to provide the right support.

We will be there to support and guide you each step of the way, authoring your story alongside you.

Our Principles

These are the principles that define the way we work

  • 01

    Fight like an underdog.

    We go the extra mile to discover the world's best talent. We embrace the thankless grunt work that others won't, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to get results.

  • 02

    Think like an operator.

    No one understands a founder quite like a founder. We draw on our years of expertise as operators to connect with founders on their terms.

  • 03

    Walk the walk.

    We flip the typical VC paradigm, proactively looking for ways we can help our founders win. We even deliver monthly updates that spell out our support in black and white.

  • 04

    Refuse to settle.

    We believe in treating VC like a product that can constantly be iterated and improved upon. We seek out feedback from founders to understand what they need and how we can deliver.